Upgrading to OrientDB 3.2

Binary formats

When upgrading OrientDB to a newer major/minor version, we recommend to perform an export and import of the databases. Anyway, OrientDB guarantees binary format compatibility, so export/import is not striclty needed.

General information

Developing OrientDB 3.2 we put a lot of attention on maintaining backward compatibility with v 3.0 and 3.1.

Here is a list of the things you should know when migrating to v 3.2

Database Creation

In OrientDB v 3.2, the creation of a new database does not automatically provide default users (admin, reader, writer). This choice is due to Security considerations: default users come with default passwords, that are a possible weakness in the server security if not promptly changed.

A new database API is provided to create custom users at DB creation time:

Orientdb orientdb = ...;

orientdb.execute("CREATE DATABASE foo plocal users(admin identified by 'adminpwd' role admin")

The old behaviour (ie. creating default users with default password) can be restored by setting the Global Configuraion option called security.createDefaultUsers:


./server.sh -Dsecurity.createDefaultUsers=true


The console was adapted to include support to Server-Level commands and to allow the creation of databases without default users (see above). The old create database command had a complex behaviour: it created a DB with default users and then connected to that database using admin user and the default password. This is not possible anymore by default (default admin user does not exist anymore), so create database no longer connects to the DB.

The new console interaction pattern involves connecting to the server/environment (see CONNECT ENV) and then execute server-level commands on it.

CREATE DATABASE command was enhanced to accept default user names and password (see CREATE DATABASE)

A new OPEN <database> command was added to connect to an existing database in current server/environment (see OPEN)

A backward compabtibility option is provided to allow execution of old console scripts; it can be enabled setting the console configuration as follows (this can just be added as the first row of the script):

orientdb> SET compatibilityLevel=0;

Release notes

General information on how to upgrade OrientDB can be found in the Upgrade Chapter.

You may also be interested in checking the Release Notes.

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