OrientJS - traverse()

Traversal queries in OrientJS are those used to traverse records, crossing relationships. This works in both Graph and Document Databases. The method is comparable to the TRAVERSE command in the OrientDB Console.

Bear in mind, in many cases you may find it sufficient to use the db.select() method, which can result in shorter and faster queries. For more information, see TRAVERSE versus SELECT.

Working with Traversal Queries

In OrientJS, traversal operations use the traverse() method. The example below uses a database of baseball statistics, which has been initialized on the db variable.

Traverse All Records

The simplest use of the method is to traverse all records connected to a particular class. For instance, say you want to see see all records associated with the Boston Red Sox, which has a Record ID of #12:45.

var records = db.traverse()
   .where({name: 'Boston Red Sox'})
         console.log('Found Records:', trav);

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