Creates a server user. If the server user already exists, it updates the password and permissions.

In order to create or modify the user, the current system user must have write permissions on the $ORIENTDB_HOME/config/orientdb-server-config.xml configuration file.


SET SERVER USER <user-name> <user-password> <user-permissions>
  • <user-name> Defines the server username.
  • <user-password> Defines the password for the server user.
  • <user-permissions> Defines the permissions for the server user.

For more information on security, see OrientDB Server Security. Feature introduced in version 2.2.


  • Create the server user editor, give it all permissions:

    orientdb> SET SERVER USER editor my_password *
    Server user 'editor' set correctly

To display all server users, see the LIST SERVER USERS command. To remove a server user, see DROP SERVER USER command.

For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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