OrientDB - exists()

This method determines whether a database exists on the OrientDB Server.

Checking Databases

In situations where your application is one of several connecting to a given OrientDB Server, you may find it useful to check whether a database exists before attempting to open or operate on it. This method checks if the OrientDB Server has a database of the given name available.


pblic boolean OrientDB().exists(String name)
Argument Type Description
name java.lang.String Defines the database name

Return Value

This method returns a boolean value. If the return value is true, it indicates that a database of that name exists on the OrientDB Server. If the return value is false, it indicates that a database of that name does not exist on the server.


Consider the use case of an application that uses multiple in-memory databases for short-term operations. Whenever you call the method to create the database, you want a new database. If the OrientDB Server already contains a database of that name, you want to increment the name and start fresh.

private OrientDB orientdb;

// Create New In-Memory Database
public ODatabaseDocumentTx createDatabase(String name){

   // Check If Database Exists
   if (orientdb.exists(name){
      name = name + "1";

   // Create Database
   orientdb.create(name, ODatabaseType.MEMORY);

   // Return Opened Database
   return orientdb.open(name, "admin", "admin");


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