OElement - getPropertyNames()

This method returns the property names set for the given record.

Retrieving Property Names

In cases where you have a record and don't know what properties it provides, this method allows you retrieve a set of strings containing the property names. You can then use getProperty() to retrieve the data you want.


Set<String> OElement().getPropertyNames()

Return Value

This method returns a Set containing String instances of each property name defined in the record.


Imagine an application in which you sometimes retrieve records with inconsistent data. In the event of an error, you might want a method that reports the properties and contents for a record to use when debugging issues.

public void errorReadingRecord(OElement record){

   // Fetch Properties
   Set<String> names = record.getPropertyNames();

   // Report Error
      String.format("Error Reading Record, record keys: %s",
         StringUtils.join(names, ", ")));

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