OrientDB Server

OrientDB provides several methods of starting and managing the Server process. These include individual scripts that initialize the Java Virtual Machine and start OServer and systemd and initscripts that allow you to launch and manage the Server using the systemctl or service utilities on Linux.


There are two scripts that you can use to start the OrientDB Server directly. Each script has two builds: a .sh shell script for use on Linux distributions and a .bat batch file for use on Windows.

Script Description
dserver Used to start the OrientDB Server in distributed environments
server Used to start a standalone OrientDB Server

Process Management

Where the above programs make it easy to start the Server on your desktop for experimentation and similar tasks, it is not very convenient for use on a production host. In addition to the Server startup scripts, OrientDB also ships with a systemd service file and an initscript, which you can install on Linux distributions to start, stop and restart the OrientDB Server using either systemctl or service utilities.

For more information, see OrientDB Server Process.

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