Repairs a database. To check if a database needs to be repaired, you can use the Check Database Command.


REPAIR DATABASE [--fix-graph [-skipVertices=<vertices>] [-skipEdges=<edges>]]
                [--fix-links] [-v]]
  • [--fix-graph] Fixes the database as graph. All broken edges are removed and all corrupted vertices repaired. This mode takes the following optional parameters:
    • -skipVertices=<vertices>, where <vertices> are the number of vertices to skip on repair.
    • -skipEdges=<edges>, where <edges> are the number of edges to skip on repair.
  • [--fix-links] Fixes links. It removes any reference to not existent records. The optional [-v] tells to print more information.
  • [--fix-ridbags] Fixes the ridbag structures only (collection of references).
  • [--fix-bonsai] Fixes the bonsai structures only (internal representation of trees)
  • [-v] Verbose mode


  • Repair a graph database:
  orientdb> REPAIR DATABASE --fix-graph

  Repair of graph 'plocal:/temp/demo' is started ...
  Scanning 26632523 edges (skipEdges=0)...
  + edges: scanned 100000, removed 0 (estimated remaining time 10 secs)
  + edges: scanned 200000, removed 0 (estimated remaining time 9 secs)
  + deleting corrupted edge friend#40:22044{out:#25:1429,in:#66:1,enabled:true} v7 because missing incoming vertex (#66:1)
  Scanning edges completed
  Scanning 32151775 vertices...
  + vertices: scanned 100000, repaired 0 (estimated remaining time 892 secs)
  + vertices: scanned 200000, repaired 0 (estimated remaining time 874 secs)
  + vertices: scanned 300000, repaired 0 (estimated remaining time 835 secs)
  + repaired corrupted vertex Account#25:961{out_friend:[],dateUpdated:Wed Aug 12 19:00:00 CDT 2015,createdOn:Wed Aug 12 19:00:00 CDT 2015} v4
  + vertices: scanned 32100000, repaired 47 (estimated remaining time 2 secs)
  Scanning vertices completed
  Repair of graph 'plocal:/temp/demo' completed in 2106 secs
   scannedEdges.....: 1632523
   removedEdges.....: 129
   scannedVertices..: 32151775
   scannedLinks.....: 53264852
   removedLinks.....: 64
   repairedVertices.: 47

For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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