ODatabaseDocument - getRecord()

This method retrieves a record from the database.

Retrieving Records

This method takes an instance of the OIdentifiable interface and returns the corresponding record.


<RET extends ORecord> RET ODatabaseDocument().getRecord(
   OIdentifiable id)
Argument Type Description
id OIdentifiable Defines the record you want

Return Value

This method returns a record instance, which extends the ORecord class. The particular type depends on the record you have stored. Possible types include,


In cases where you find you are frequently retrieving records by Record ID, you might find in convenient to write a method that streamlines the process, making it easier to call. For instance,

private ODatabaseDocument db;

public OElement fetchRecord(String rid){

   // Initialize Record ID
   id = ORecordId(rid);

   // Fetch Record
   return db.getRecord(id);

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