OrientDB - create()

This method lets you create a new database on the connected OrientDB Server.

Creating Databases

Using this method, you can create new databases on the OrientDB Server. In the event that you want to connect to an existing database, use the open() method. If you want to only create the database if it does not exist already, use the createIfNotExists() method.


There are two methods available in creating databases (OrientDB class):

public void create(String name, ODatabaseType type)

public void create(String name, ODatabaseType type, OrientDBConfig config)
Argument Type Description
name java.lang.String Defines the database name
type ODatabaseType Defines the database type, can be PLocal or in-memory
config OrientDBConfig Defines the database configuration


Consider the use case of an installation process for your application. The user needs an embedded OrientDB database installed on their system whenever they start a new project in your application. You might use a method like the one below to initialize the database and perform any other routine tasks needed whenever they create a new project.

private OrientDB orientdb = new OrientDB("embedded:/data", null, null);

public void createNewProject(String name){

    // Create Project Name
    String db = "project-" + name;

    // Create Database
    orientdb.create(db, ODatabaseType.PLOCAL);


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