Server Management

This is the section to work with OrientDB Server as DBA/DevOps with Enterprise Edition.

Only users with grant server.metrics can see this section

This page contains detailed information about the selected node.

General information are:

  • Number of CPUs
  • Status of the node
  • Java information
  • OS information
  • OrientDB version

Then 3 sub-sections are available:

  • Overview
  • Monitoring
  • Global Configuration


This page summarizes all the most important information about the current server:

  • Server status
  • Operations
  • Active Sessions
  • CPU, RAM and DISK used
  • Live chart with CRUD operations in real-time




Displays all the active sessions to the server. Each session reports the following information:

  • Session ID, as the unique session number
  • Client, as the unique client number
  • Address, is the connection source
  • Database, the database name used
  • User, the database user
  • Total Requests, as the total number of requests executed by the connection
  • Command Info, as the running command
  • Command Detail, as the detail about the running command
  • Last Command On, is the last time a request has been executed
  • Last Command Info, is the informaton about last operation executed
  • Last Command Detail, is the informaton about the details of last operation executed
  • Last Execution Time, is the execution time o last request
  • Total Working Time, is the total execution time taken by current connection so far
  • Connected Since, is the date when the connection has been created
  • Protocol, is the protocol between HTTP and Binary
  • Client ID, a text representing the client connection
  • Driver, the driver name

Each session can be interrupted or even killed.



This panel show the thread dump of the selected server.


Global CFG

This panel shows the Server settings divided in two boxes:

  • Properties, as the custom settings in config/orientdb-server-config.xml file
  • Global Configuration, as all the global configuration. Only few of them can be changed at run-time with the "Save" button


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