Flushes all cached content to disk and restricts permitted operations to read commands. With the exception of reads, none of the commands made on a frozen database execute. It remains in this state until you run the RELEASE command.

Executing this command requires server administration rights. You can only execute it on remote databases. If you would like to freeze or release a local database, use the ODatabase.freeze() and ODatabase.release() methods directly through the OrientDB API.

You may find this command useful in the event that you would like to perform backups on a live database. To do so, freeze the database, perform a file system snapshot, then release the database. You can now copy the snapshot anywhere you want.

This works best when the backup doesn't take very long to run.




  • Freezes the current database:

    orientdb> FREEZE DATABASE

To unfreeze a database, use the RELEASE DATABASE command.

For more information on other commands, please refer to Console Commands and SQL Commands.

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