OServer - startup()

This method starts the given server instance.

Starting the Server

When you initialize an instance of OServer, it prepares the server within your application, but does not start it until you tell it you're ready to start.


There are several methods available in starting the embedded OrientDB server instance, which you use depends on what information you have available. Bear in mind, that these methods do not all throw the same exceptions.

public OServer OServer().startup()

public OServer OServer().startup(File iConfigurationFile)

public OServer OServer().startup(String iConfiguration)

public OServer OServer().startup(InputStream iInputStream)
Argument Type Description
iConfigurationFile java.io.File Defines the server configuration file, as a file instance.
iConfiguration java.lang.String Defines the server configuration, as a string.
iInputStream java.io.InputStream Defines the server configuration, as an input stream.

Return Value

This method returns an OServer instance, which provides the started OrientDB embedded server.


This method throws a number of exceptions. The common exceptions to all methods are,

Additionally, when you pass the server configuration as a string or input stream, the following exception can be thrown.


Imagine your application has its own configuration file, which among other things contains a parameter in which the user can define the path to the OrientDB Server configuration they want to use. Rather than accepting this value without issue, you may want to catch IOException exceptions, starting the server with its default configuration in the event that the given argument fails. This ensures that the OrientDB Server always starts.

import com.orientechnologies.orient.server.OServer;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import java.io.IOException;

 * Handler Class for OrientDB Database 
 * @author: Some Dev <some.dev@example.com>
 * @version: 10.4
 * @since: 1.0
class DatabaseHandler {

    private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(

     * Constructor
     * @param server: OServer instance
     * @param myConfig: Path to configuration file for OrientDB Server
    public void DatabaseHandler(OServer server, String myConfig) {

        // Log Operation
        logger.info("Initializing DatabaseHandler class");

        try {
            // TRY GIVEN CONFIG
        } catch IOEexception {
                "Unable to start with given configuration, loading default");



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