Enterprise Edition

This is the main guide on using OrientDB Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise Edition is a commercial product developed by SAP.

OrientDB Enterprise Edition is designed specifically for applications seeking a scalable, robust, and secure multi-model database. Its main goal is to save time and money on your OrientDB investment by reducing risk, cost, effort, and time invested in a business critical application. It includes all Community features plus professional enterprise tools such as support for Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Auditing Tools, Metrics recording, Non-Stop Incremental Backups, Teleporter to import data from any Relational DBMS.


Enterprise Edition is an additional package which can be installed in the Community Edition. Download the Enterprise package after registering on the web site and install it in the ${ORIENTDB_HOME}/plugins folder.

At run-time, the Enterprise edition logs this message:

2016-08-04 09:38:26:589 INFO  ***************************************************************************** [OEnterpriseAgent]
2016-08-04 09:38:26:589 INFO  *                     ORIENTDB  -  ENTERPRISE EDITION                       * [OEnterpriseAgent]
2016-08-04 09:38:26:589 INFO  ***************************************************************************** [OEnterpriseAgent]
2016-08-04 09:38:26:589 INFO  * If you are in Production or Test, you must purchase a commercial license. * [OEnterpriseAgent]
2016-08-04 09:38:26:589 INFO  * For more information look at: http://orientdb.com/orientdb-enterprise/    * [OEnterpriseAgent]
2016-08-04 09:38:26:590 INFO  ***************************************************************************** [OEnterpriseAgent]

EE Features

Explore the Enterprise Edition features:

See here for the documentation of the new Metrics module.

Accessing EE Features from Studio

To access the Enterprise features from OrientDB Studio, from the login page, click on SERVER MANAGEMENT (top right corner) and enter root username and password

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