OrientDB for Java Developers in Five Minutes

In the Previous Step you installed and started OrientDB on your machine, now it's time to create a database

Step 2/5 - Create a DB

Open your favourite browser (modern browser, no IE please!) and enter the following URL:


You will see this page:

  • Click on "NEW DB"


  • enter "test" as database name
  • enter the root password


  • Then click on "CREATE DATABASE"

IMPORTANT: In v 3.2 new databases are created without default db users (admin/reader/writer) to avoid possible vulnerabilities due to default passwords. In this dialog you can select "Create Admin user" and enter a custom admin password for this user.

Good job! You just created your first database!

Now, to make sure that everything is OK, try to enter the following query


and click the green "RUN" button. You should see the three default users that OrienDB creates for you: admin, reader and writer


Now you are ready for the Next Step - Create your Java Application >>>

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