OrientDB Enterprise Edition comes with a profiler that collects all the metrics about the engine and the system where is running. Studio uses the profiler API as source for the Dashboard and can be configured in the Settings section.

Profiler is available through Studio or HTTP APIs
to server user that has those permissions

  • server.metrics (Read)
  • server.metrics.edit (Write)


The profiler is configured via JSON file, located ${ORIENTDB_HOME}/config/profiler.json the Enterprise distribution

Example of configuration

  "enabled": true,
  "server": {
    "enabled": true
  "database": {
    "enabled": true
  "cluster": {
    "enabled": false
  "reporters": {
    "jmx": {
      "enabled": false,
      "domain": "Test"
    "console": {
      "enabled": false,
      "interval": 5000
    "csv": {
      "enabled": false,
      "directory": "/tmp/orientdb-server-metrics.csv",
      "interval": 5000
    "prometheus": {
      "enabled": false

The profiler is divided in 3 sections which can be enabled/disabled

  • Database metrics
  • Server metrics
  • Cluster metrics

Database metrics

The suffix is db.<dbName>.*

These metrics contains statistics on crud operations and queries and are recorded for each database in the server.

Server Metrics

The suffix is server.*

These metrics contains information on the status and health of the server such as

  • Memory metrics
  • Disk metrics
  • Disk Cache
  • CPU stats
  • GC activity
  • Threads
  • Network requests
  • Active sessions
  • ....

Cluster metrics

The suffix is distributed.*

These metrics contains information on the status of nodes in the cluster and latencies


The profiler supports different outputs that can be configured in the reporters section:

  • CSV
  • JMX
  • Console
  • Prometheus

The profiler also expose custom HTTP api to server users with right permissions


Retrieve profiler metrics via HTTP

GET | Basic Auth


Retrieve stats recorded by the profiler

Prometheus endpoint

If it is enabled as reporter

GET | Basic Auth


Retrieve stats recorded by the profiler with prometheus format

Retrieve profiler configuration

GET | Basic Auth


Change profiler configuration

POST | Basic Auth


with configuration as JSON body

Get the list of available metrics with description

GET | Basic Auth


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