OClass - hasPolymorphicClusterId()

This method determines whether the class or any subclass of the class use the given cluster.

Checking for Clusters

OrientDB borrows the concept of class from the Object Oriented programming paradigm. This borrowing includes polymorphism, the idea that a class can have subclasses and superclasses. Those superclasses and subclasses have their own clusters used in storing records. This method determines whether any class that is a superclass or subclass of this class uses the given cluster, as defined by its Cluster ID (the first number in a Record ID).


boolean OClass().hasPolymorphicClusterId(int clusterId)
Argument Type Description
clusterId int Defines the cluster you want to check for, by its Cluster ID

Return Value

This method returns a Boolean instance, where a true value indicates that polymorphic classes of this class do use the given cluster.

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