OrientDB - open()

This method opens the given database on the OrientDB Server.

Openning Databases

The OrientDB class allows you to operate on an OrientDB Server, but eventually you're going to want to start working with an actual database. This method allows you to open a Document database on the server.


There are two methods available to use in opening databases:

public ODatabaseDocument OrientDB().open(String name, String user, 
   String passwd)

public ODatabaseDocument OrientDB().open(String name, String user,
   String passwd, OrientDBConfig config)
Argument Type Description
name String Defines the database name
user String Defines the database user
passwd String Defines the user password

Return Value

Both methods return an ODatabaseDocument instance.


Imagine the use case of an application to operates on several databases that share common login credentials. You might create a management class to streamline database access within your code.

private String rootUser;
private String rootPasswd;
private String baseUser;
private String basePasswd;
private OrientDB orientdb;

public ODatabaseDocument openDb(String name, Boolean asRoot){

   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Opening Database: " + name);

   // Initialize Variables
   String user;
   String passwd;

   if (asRoot){
      user = rootUser;
      passwd = rootPasswd;

   } else { 
      user = baseUser;
      passwd = basePasswd;

   // Open and Return Database
   return orientdb.open(name, user, passwd);


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