Provides an interface for working with or operating on particular users of the OrientDB Server or databases.

Working with Users

OrientDB maintains an internal set of users with various privileges assigned to these users, granting them access to the Server itself or to particular databases on the Server. Using this class you can work with or operate on an individual user.

To use the OSecurityUser interface in your code, you need to import it.

import com.orientechnologies.orient.core.metadata.security.OSecurityUser;


Method Return Type Description
addRole() OSecurityUser Adds a role to the user
checkPassword() OSecurityUser Authenticates user password
getAccountStatus() OSecurityUser.STATUSES Retrieves the status of the user account
getName() String Retrieves the logical name for the user
getPasword() String Retrieves the user password
getRoles Set<? extends OSecurityRole> Retrieves the roles assigned to this user
hasRole() boolean Determines whether the user has the given role
removeRole() boolean Removes the given role from the user
setAccountStatus() void Defines the status for the user account
setName() OSecurityUser Defines the logical name for the user
setPassword() OSecurityUser Defines the user password

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