Console - JSS

Executes commands on OrientDB Server in the Javascript language from the Console. Look also Javascript Command.


JSS <commands>
  • <commands> Defines the commands you want to execute.

Interactive Mode You can execute a command in just one line (JSS print('Hello World!')) or enable the interactive input by just executing JSS and then typing the Javascript expression as multi-line inputs. It does not execute the command until you type end. Bear in mind, the end here is case-sensitive.


  • Execute a query and display the result:

    orientdb> jss
    [Started multi-line command.  Type just 'end' to finish and execute.]
    orientdb> var r = db.query('select from ouser');
    orientdb> for(var i=0;i
    orientdb> print( r[i] );
    orientdb> }
    orientdb> end
    Server side script executed in 0.146000 sec(s). Value returned is: null

    In this case the output will be displayed on the server console.

For more information on the Javascript execution, see Javascript Command. For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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