spider-box is not really a "plug-in", but more a quick way to set up an environment to play with OrientDB in a local VM. It requires a virtualization system like Virtualbox, VMWare Fusion or Parallels and the provisioning software Vagrant.

Once installed, you can very quickly start playing with the newest version of OrientDB Studio or the console. Or even start developing software with OrientDB as the database.

spider-box is configured mainly to build a PHP development environment. But, since it is built on Puphpet, you can easily change the configuration, so Python or even node.js is also installed. Ruby is installed automatically.

If you have questions about changing configuration or using spider-box, please do ask in an issue in the spider-box repo.

Have fun playing with OrientDB and spider-box!

Note: Neo4j and Gremlin Server are also installed, when you vagrant up spider-box.

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