OServer - isAllowed()

This method determines whether a user is allowed to operate the given resource.

Checking Users

Different users have different levels of access to the OrientDB Server. When a user attempts an operation that exceeds their access, it raises an exception. Rather than providing all options and letting the user fail, you can use this method to perform a basic check, determining what they can do before giving the option.


public boolean OServer().isAllowed(String user, String resource)
Argument Type Description
user java.lang.String Defines the user you want to check.
resource java.lang.String Defines the resource you want to check.

Return Value

This method returns a boolean value. If the return value is true, it inidcates that the user has permission to access the given resource.


Consider the use case of an application that needs to perform several operations on various OrientDB Servers. In the class that manages the server, you might want to create a method to streamline these operations into a basic check that can be called wherever you need it in the class.

private OServer oserver;
private String currentUser;
private String currentResource;

 * Check Permission
public Boolean checkResource(){
   return oserver.isAllowed(currentUser, currentResource);

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