Custom Console Commands

In addition to the commands implemented by OrientDB, you can also develop custom commands to extend features in your particular implementation. To do this, edit the OConsoleDatabaseApp class and add to it a new method. There's an auto-discovery system in place that adds the new method to the available commands. To provide a description of the command, use annotations. The command name must follow the Java code convention of separating words using camel-case.

For instance, consider a case in which you might want to add a MOVE CLUSTER command to the console:

@ConsoleCommand(description = "Move the physical location of cluster files")
public void moveCluster(
   @ConsoleParameter(name = "cluster-name", description = "The name or the id of the cluster to remove") String iClusterName,
   @ConsoleParameter(name = "target-path", description = "path of the new position where to move the cluster files") String iNewPath ) {

   checkCurrentDatabase(); // THE DB MUST BE OPENED

   System.out.println("Moving cluster '" + iClusterName + "' to path " + iNewPath + "...");

Once you have this code in place, MOVE CLUSTER now appears in the listing of available commands shown by HELP.

orientdb> HELP


 * alter class    Alter a class in the database schema
 * alter cluster  Alter class in the database schema
 ...                            ...
 * move cluster                 Move the physical location of cluster files
 ...                            ...
 * help                         Print this help
 * exit                         Close the console

orientdb> MOVE CLUSTER foo /temp

Moving cluster 'foo' to path /tmp...

In the event that you develop a custom command and find it especially useful in your deployment, you can contribute your code to the OrientDB Community!

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