MarcoPolo - Document

This struct defines a document for your Elixir application. It renders as an ODocument class in OrientDB.

Working with Documents

    :rid <rid>,
    :class <class>,
    :version <version>,
    :fields <data>}
  • <rid> Defines the Record ID. It is an instance of MarcoPolo.RID.
  • <class> Defines the record class.
  • <version> Defines the record version.
  • <data> Defines the record data.


In cases where your application generates a series of very similar documents, you might create a function that populates default values:

@doc """ Generate Blog Document """
def gen_blogdoc(title, text) do

        :rid MarcoPolo.RID(:cluster 4),
        :class "BlogEntry",
        :version 1,
        :fields %{
            "title" => title
            "text" => text}}

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