PhpOrient - getRid()

This method returns the Record ID of the given Record object.

Retrieving Record ID's

In cases where you want to access the Record ID of a given Record() object, this method allows you to retrieve the ID() instance from the record. You can then use this to call additional methods on the Record ID in further operations.




Consider the use-case of a logging operation tied to an asynchronous query. As the query runs, each record triggers a callback function. Using this method, you can fetch the Record ID of each record to echo to the console.

function logReturn(Record $record) {

    // Fetch Record ID
    $id = $record->getRid();
    $rid = $id->_toString();

    // Log Operation
    echo 'Retrieved Record: $rid';

function runQuery($sql, $fetchPlan){

    // Fetch Global
    global $client;

    // Run Query
    $results = $client->queryAsync($sql,
        ['fetch_plan' => $fetchPlan,
        '_callback' => logReturn]);

    // Return Results
    return $results;

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