(Since v2.2.22, Enterprise Edition only). Update the server configuration in High Availability setting.


HA SET [DBSTATUS <server>=<status>] [ROLE <server>=MASTER|REPLICA] [OWNER <cluster>=<server>]

NOTE: the key/value pairs must not contain any space. This is valid HA SET ROLE europe=REPLICA, this is not: HA SET ROLE europe = REPLICA

  • DBSTATUS Changes the status of the database. This operation must be executed only if recommended by OrientDB Support Team
    • <server> Server name.
    • <status> The new status to set between [NOT_AVAILABLE, OFFLINE, SYNCHRONIZING, ONLINE, BACKUP].
  • ROLE Changes the role of the server between MASTER and REPLICA
    • <server> Server name.
  • OWNER Changes cluster's owner
    • <cluster> The name of the cluster to change.
    • <server> Name of the server to become the owner of the cluster. The server name must be already present in the server list for that cluster.


  • Change the role of the server europe to be a REPLICA only:

    orientdb> HA SET ROLE europe=REPLICA
  • Set the server usa0 as the owner of cluster "customer":

    orientdb> HA SET OWNER customer=usa0
  • Set the status of database crm to OFFLINE for server china:

    orientdb> HA SET DBSTATUS china=OFFLINE

For more information, see

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