ODatabaseDocument - countClusterElements()

This method counts all entities in the specified cluster.

Counting Cluster Elements

A cluster is the physical or in-memory container in which records are stored. Whenever you create an OClass instance, OrientDB simultaneously creates a default OCluster in which to store data of that class. Often a class will have several clusters, allowing you to better organize the data they contain. Using this method you can determine the number of records stored in each cluster, as identified by its Cluster ID, (that is, the first number in the Record ID) or by an array of Cluster ID's.


long ODatabaseDocument().countClusterElements(int clusterId)
long ODatabaseDocument().countClusterElements(int[] clusterIds)
Argument Type Description
clusterId int Defines the identifier for an individual cluster.
clusterIds int[] Defines the identifiers for an array of clusters.

Return Value

This method returns a long instance. It represents the number of records counted in the cluster or clusters.

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