OrientDB is the first Multi-Model Open Source NoSQL DBMS that combines the power of graphs and the flexibility of documents into one scalable, high-performance operational database.

Gone are the days where your database only supports a single data model. As a direct response to polyglot persistence, multi-model databases acknowledge the need for multiple data models, combining them to reduce operational complexity and maintain data consistency. Though graph databases have grown in popularity, most NoSQL products are still used to provide scalability to applications sitting on a relational DBMS. Advanced 2nd generation NoSQL products like OrientDB are the future: providing more functionality and flexibility, while being powerful enough to replace your operational DBMS.


OrientDB was engineered from the ground up with performance as a key specification. It’s fast on both read and write operations. Stores up to 120,000 records per second

  • No more Joins: relationships are physical links to the records.
  • Better RAM use.
  • Traverses parts of or entire trees and graphs of records in milliseconds.
  • Traversing speed is not affected by the database size.


While most NoSQL DBMSs are used as secondary databases, OrientDB is powerful and flexible enough to be used as an operational DBMS. Though OrientDB Community Edition is free for commercial use, robust applications need enterprise level functionalities to guarantee data security and flawless performance. OrientDB Enterprise Edition gives you all the features of our community edition plus:

  • Incremental backups
  • Unmatched security
  • 24x7 Support
  • Query Profiler
  • Distributed Clustering configuration
  • Metrics Recording
  • Live Monitor with configurable alerts

Zero Configuration Multi-Master Architecture

With a master-slave architecture, the master often becomes the bottleneck. With OrientDB, throughput is not limited by a single server. Global throughput is the sum of the throughput of all the servers.

  • Multi-Master + Sharded architecture
  • Elastic Linear Scalability
  • Restore the database content using WAL

With a zero-config multi-master architecture, OrientDB is perfect for the Cloud. Hundreds of servers can share the workload, scaling horizontally across distributed modern data centers.


Replacing your DBMS, once it no longer meets requirements, can be a huge cost in time and resources. Is your database powerful, scalable and flexible enough to grow with you? Using OrientDB also reduces the need to support multiple products to achieve your goals.

Get Started in Minutes

OrientDB is written entirely in Java and can run on any platform without configuration and installation. It's a drop-in replacement for the most common existing graph databases in deployment today.

  • 2MB Full Server distribution (not including demo)
  • Multiple Programming Language Bindings
  • Extended SQL with graph functionality
  • Tinkerpop API

Coming from the relational world? Import your data using OrientDB Teleporter and get started in an instant

Coming From Neo4j? Our Neo4j Importer lets you get started with your own graph data


There is absolutely no cost associated with using OrientDB Community Edition.

  • OrientDB Community is free for commercial use.
  • Comes with an Apache 2 Open Source License.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple products and multiple licenses.

OrientDB Ltd, the company behind OrientDB, offers optional services such as Developer and Production Support, consultancy and Training with transparent pricing far below our competitors to ensure you’re maximizing OrientDB’s capabilities for your particular use case. OrientDB Enterprise Edition is included with the purchase of any of these services.

Open Source

Which is more likely to have better quality? A DBMS created and tested by a handful of developers or one tested by over 100,000 developers globally? When code is public, everyone can scrutinize, test, report and resolve issues. All things Open Source move faster compared to the proprietary world. In fact, the most popular databases ranked by DB-Engines are now Open Source.

OrientDB LTD leads the OrientDB Open Source project and defines the roadmap but all members of the OrientDB Development Team were original contributors to the OrientDB Open Source project, years before being brought onto the team. Their expert product knowledge coupled with the passion they bring to the table every day, ensures quality for our products, support and consultancy work.

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