Console - CONNECT

Opens a database.


CONNECT <database-url> <user> <password>
  • <database-url> Defines the URL of the database you want to connect to. It uses the format <mode>:<path>
    • <mode> Defines the mode you want to use in connecting to the database. It can be plocal or remote.
    • <path> Defines the path to the database.
  • <user> Defines the user you want to connect to the database with.
  • <password> Defines the password needed to connect to the database, with the defined user.


  • Connect to a local database as the user admin, loading it directly into the console:

    orientdb> connect plocal:../databases/GratefulDeadConcerts admin my_admin_password
    Connecting to database [plocal:../databases/GratefulDeadConcerts]...OK
  • Connect to a remote database:

    orientdb> connect remote: admin my_admin_password
    Connecting to database [remote:]...OK

For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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