PhpOrient - [etIdList()

This method returns a list of Cluster ID's on the database.

Retrieving Cluster ID's

Occasionally, you may want to work with a series of clusters in a given operation. Using this method, you can retrieve a list of Cluster ID's available on the database. You can then pass these ID's to other methods in performing further operations.




In cases where you find yourself making frequent calls to all clusters on the database, you may find it convenient to write a simple function to fetch it and log the operation for you.

function fetchClusterIDs(){

    // Fetch Global Cluster Map
    global $clusterMap;

    // Fetch ID's
    $idList = $clusterMap->getIdList();    
    $idCount = count($idList);

    // Log Operation
    echo "Retrieving $idCount Cluster ID's";

    // Return ID's
    return $idList;

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