OSchema - getOrCreteClass()

Retrieves the given class or creates and retrieves it from the schema.

Retrieving or Creating Classes

OrientDB has the concept of class within the database, which represents a broad grouping of records, similar to the table in relational contexts. Internally, OrientDB represents a class as an OClass instance. Using this method you can retrieve the given class if exists in the schema, if it does not exist it create the class and returns it.


OClass OSchema().getOrCreateClass(String class)

OClass OSchema().getOrCreateClass(String class, OClass... superClass)
Argument Type Description
class String Defines the logical name of the class
superClass OClass Defines the superclass

Return Type

This method returns the requested OClass instance. It returns an existing class if it already existed in the database and the newly created class if it did not exist in the database.

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