MarcoPolo - update_record()

This function updates a record on the database.

Updatating Records

When you're finished making changes to records loaded into your Elixir application, this function allows you to use the new data to update existing records on the database.


update_record(<conn>, <record-id>, <version>, 
              <data>, <update-content>, <opts>)
  • <conn> Defines the database connection.
  • <record-id> Defines the Record ID.
  • <version> Defines the record version.
  • <data> Defines the data you want to add.
  • <update-content> Defines whether you want to update the content.
  • <opts> Defines additional options for the function. For more information on the available options, see the Options section below.


This function supports two additional options:

  • :no_response Defines whether you want your application to wait for a response from OrientDB. When set to true, it sends the update and returns :ok regardless of whether the operation was successful.
  • :timeout Defines the timeout value in milliseconds. In the event that the update takes longer than the allotted time, MarcoPolo sends an exit signal to the calling process.

Return Values

When the operation is successful, the function returns the tuple {:ok, version}, where the variable is a non-negative integer indicating the updated version number on the record. In the event that the operation fails, it returns the tuple {:error, message}, where the variable is the exception message.


For instance, consider the use case of a web application. You might want a function to streamline updating blog entires on the database.

@doc """Takes given data and updates blog entry to database"""
def update_blog(conn, cluster, position, version, author, title, text) do

    # Log Operation
    IO.puts("Updating Blog \##{cluster}:#{position} for User: #{author}")

    # Build Document
    record = %MarcoPolo.Document{class: "BlogEntry",
        fields: %{
            "title" => title,
            "author" => author,
            "text": => text}}

    # Set Record ID
    rid = MarcoPolo.RID(
        cluster_id: cluster, 
        position: position)

    # Update Record
    MarcoPolo.update_record(conn, rid, version, record, true)


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