OVertex - addEdge()

This method adds an edge linking this vertex to another.

Adding Edges

In a Graph database, edges function as relationships linking different vertices together. Using this method, you can link one OVertex instance to another. You can create the edge as either a Lightweight Edge or a Regular Edge.


Records in OrientDB have their own classes on the database, which extend the OClass class. All edges are extensions of the E database class. The first method creates the edge as an instance of the default E class. The remaining methods allow you to define the class to which the new edge belongs.

// METHOD 1 
OEdge OVertex().addEdge(OVertex toVertex)

// METHOD 2 
OEdge OVertex().addEdge(OVertex toVertex, OClass type)

// METHOD 3 
OEdge OVertex.addEdge(OVertex toVertex, String name)
Argument Type Description
toVertex OVertex Defines the vertex the edge connects to
type OClass Defines the OrientDB database class the edge belongs to
name String Defines the OrientDB database class the edge belongs to

Return Value

This method returns an OEdge instance, which represents the edge you've added to the vertex.

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