Removes a database completely. If the database is open and a database name not given, it removes the current database.


DROP DATABASE [<database-name> <server-username> <server-user-password>]
  • <database-name Defines the database you want to drop. By default it uses the current database, if it's open.
  • <server-username> Defines the server user. This user must have the privileges to drop the database.
  • <server-user-password> Defines the password for the server user.

NOTE: When you drop a database, it deletes the database and all records, caches and schema information it contains. Unless you have made backups, there is no way to restore the database after you drop it.


  • Remove the current local database:

    orientdb> DROP DATABASE
  • Remove the database demo at localhost:

    orientdb> DROP DATABASE REMOTE:localhost/demo root root_password

You can create a new database using the CREATE DATABASE command. To make changes to an existing database, use the ALTER DATABASE command.

For more information on other commands, please refer to Console Commands and SQL Commands.

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