OServer - getAvailableStorageNames()

This method returns a map of storage types available on the OrientDB Server.

Retrieving Storage Names

OrientDB supports two storage types: in-memory and PLocal. In the event that you want to check for others that might become available or otherwise test the feature, this method allows you to retrieve a map of those available.


public Map<String, String> OServer().getAvailableStorageNames()


In the event that you want to pull the available storage names to operate on in some other method, you might use something like the following:

 * Report Available Storage to Stdout
public void reportStorage(OServer oserver){

   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Reporting Storage");

   // Initialize Variables
   private Map<String, String> storage;
   private Iterator it;

   // Prepare Iterator 
   storage = oserver.getAvailableStorage();
   it = storage.entrySet().iterator();

   // Loop Over Storage
   System.out.println("OServer Storage:");
   while (it.hasNext()){
      Map.Entry pair = (Map.Entry)it.next();
      System.out.println(pair.getKey() + ": " + pair.getValue());

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