OClass - count()

This method counts the number of the records of this class. It also considers the records in subclasses.

Counting Records

When you create records on the database, they're created as part of a database class. Using this method you can retrieve a count of all records created on the given class. By default, it includes all subclasses. You can also pass it a Boolean instance to define whether you want it to exclude subclass records.


Long OClass().count() 

Long OClass().count(Boolean isPolymorphic)
Argument Type Description
isPolymorphic Boolean Determines whether method includes records of subclasses in the count

Return Value

This method returns a Long instance, which provides the number of records in the database class or class and subclasses.


Imagine a social media application where the user accounts are defined by a dedicated class. You might use the count() method to report membership on the webpage.

private ODatabaseDocument;
private Logger logger;

public Long getUserCount(){

   // Retrieve the User OClass
   OClass userCls = db.getClass("users");

   // Return User Count
   return userCls.count();

This method uses the getClass() method to retrieve the user class name, the executes the count() method to return the number of records on the class.

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