OrientDB - drop()

This method removes a database from the OrientDB Server.

Dropping Databases

On occasion, you may need to remove databases from within your application. For instance, as part of a maintenance application, or to remove temporary in-memory databases when they're no longer needed.


public void OrientDB().drop(String name)
Argument Type Description
name java.lang.String Defines the database name


Imagine an application that makes use of in-memory databases to perform complex operations. Whenever you need one for a specific task, you create it, run the process, then remove the database once the job is complete.

public void runInMemOperation(String name){

    // Log Operation
    logger.info("Creating In-Memory Database");

    orientdb.create(name, ODatabaseType.MEMORY);

    try {
       // Your Code Here

    } finally {
       // Remove Database When Done


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