Report an Issue

Very often when a new issue is open it lacks some fundamental information. This slows down the entire process because the first question from the OrientDB team is always "What release of OrientDB are you using?" and every time a Ferret dies in the world.

So please add more information about your issue:

  1. OrientDB release? (If you're using a SNAPSHOT please attach also the build number found in "build.number" file)
  2. What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. 2. 3.
  3. Settings. If you're using custom settings please provide them below (to dump all the settings run the application using the JVM argument -Denvironment.dumpCfgAtStartup=true)
  4. What is the expected behavior or output? What do you get or see instead?
  5. If you're describing a performance or memory problem the profiler dump can be very useful (to dump it run the application using the JVM arguments -Dprofiler.autoDump.reset=true -Dprofiler.autoDump.interval=10 -Dprofiler.enabled=true)

Now you're ready to create a new one:

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