OSchema - createClass()

Creates a new class in the schema.

Creating Classes

OrientDB has the concept of class within the database, which represents a broad grouping of records, similar to the table in relational contexts. Internally, OrientDB represents a class as an OClass instance. Using this method you can create a new class in the schema. Database classes are also polymorphic, you can assign an existing class as a superclass to the new class.


OClass OSchema().createClass(String class)

OClass OSchema().createClass(String class, OClass... superclasses)

OClass OSchema().createClass(String class, int[] clusterIds, OClass... superClasses)
Argument Type Description
class String Defines the name of the new database class
superClasses OClass Defines superclass
clusterIds int[] Defines the Cluster ID's for clusters you want the class to use

Return Type

This method returns the newly created OClass instance.

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