OServer - getDatabaseDirectory()

This method returns the root directory for databases handled by the OrientDB Server.

Retrieving Database Directories

When using the PLocal storage-type, OrientDB writes persistent data to the file system, with one directory for each database. This method returns the root directory that the given OServer instance uses in storing databases.


public String OServer().getDatabaseDirectory()

Return Value

This method returns a String value. It provides the path to where the OrientDB Server stores its databases.


When OrientDB writes to PLocal storage, it writes the database to the file system in a particular directory. Occasionally, you may need to operate on this directory or otherwise reference it elsewhere in your application.

 * Retrieve and Log the Database Directory
public String fetchDbDir(OServer oserver){

   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Retrieving Database Directory");

   // Fetch Database Directory
   String path = oserver.getDatabaseDirectory();

   // Report Location for Debugging
   logger.debug("Database Directory: " + path);

   // Return Directory Path
   return path;

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