The demo database can help you understand better OrientDB features and capabilities and replaces the old demo database GratefulDeadConcerts included in version 2.2 and previous ones.

Note: Random-generated data is used in the demodb, including data used for Emails, Names, Surnames, Phone Numbers and Reviews.


demodb has a version that, in general, is not linked to the Server version you are running. You can check the version of the demodb included in your distribution by executing the following SQL query:

SELECT `Version` FROM `DBInfo`;

Current version is 0.76.


The demo database is located in the databases directory under your $ORIENTDB_HOME (e.g. D:\orientdb\orientdb-community-3.0.0\databases\demodb.

Connecting to the Demo Database

It is possible to connect to demodb using the three standard OrientDB Users:

  • reader / reader
  • writer / writer
  • admin / admin

Using the Demo Database with OrientDB 2.2.x

The demo database can be easily loaded into OrientDB 2.2.x using the Studio's "Import a public database" feature.

Alternatively, it is possible to import it via an SQL script that includes the set of instructions needed to recreate the data model as well as all the records (vertices, edges, and documents).

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