PyOrient Client - record_delete()

This method removes records from the open OrientDB database.

Deleting Records

When you want to remove records from the open OrientDB database, you can do so using the record_delete() method. To do so, you'll need the cluster that contains the record and its Record ID.


client.record_delete(<cluster-id>, <record-id>)
  • <cluster-id> Defines the cluster that contains the record.
  • <record-id> Defines the record to remove.


Consider the example of the smart home database. In developing the web interface, you want to implement a feature that allows the user to delete sensor nodes from the database. In the event that you find certain nodes are damaged or you move the system to a new house and would like the monitors to display fresh sensor data.

def remove_records(client, cluster_id record_list):

   # Iterate through Record ID's
   for record in record_list:

      # Delete Record
      client.record_delete(cluster_id, record.__rid)

Here, the function receives the client, cluster ID and an array of records as arguments. It then iterates over each record in the array and deletes it using the record_delete() method.

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