ODatabaseDocument - query()

This method executes idempotent OrientDB SQL queries.

Querying the Database

OrientDB makes a distinction between idempotent queries that read data from the database and non-idempotent commands that modify the records. Using this method you can retrieve and operate on result-sets from OrientDB.

In the event that you need to execute a non-idempotent command on the database, see the command() method.


OResultSet ODatabaseDocument().query(String query, Map args)
Argument Type Description
query String Defines the query you want to execute.
args Map Defines a map of parameters to use in formatting the query.

Return Value

This method returns an OResultSet instance, that contains the result-set of your query. Remember that you need to close a result-set when you're done with it, in order to free up resources.

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