OServer - getStoragePath()

Retrieves the path to the storage-type used by the OrientDB Server.

Retrieving Storage Path

In cases where you need the storage-path ussed by the OrientDB Server, such as to log it for debugging or as part of a larger operation, this method retrieves it for you.


public String OServer().getStoragePath(String iName)
Argument Type Description
iName java.lang.String Defines the name of the storage-type.

Return Value

This method returns a String value. It provides the path to OrientDB storages.


Consider a use case where you need to retrieve the storage path to pass it to some other method as part of a larger operation. You might use a method like this in the class managing the OrientDB Server to retireve the storage path and log it for debugging purposes before returning the value.

 * Retrieve and Log the Sotrage Path 
public String fetchStoragePath(OServer oserver){

   // Log Operation
   logger.info("Retrieving Storage Path");

   // Fetch Storage Path 
   String path = oserver.getStoragePath();

   // Report Location for Debugging
   logger.debug("Storage Path" + path);

   // Return Sotrage Path 
   return path;

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