ODatabaseDocument - browseClasss()

This method returns all records in the given database class. It also returns subclasses, where available.

Browsing Records by Class

Records in OrientDB belong to a database class, which internally is an implementation of OClass. Using this method, you can retrieve all records that belong to a particular database class.


ORecordIteratorClass<ODocument> ODatabaseDocument().browseClass(String name)

ORecordIteratorClass<ODocument> ODatabaseDocument().browseClass(String name, Boolean polymorphic)
Argument Type Description
name String Defines the database class name
polymorphic Boolean Defines whether the database class is polymorphic, (that is, whether it has sub-classes)

Return Value

This method returns an ORecordIteratorClass instance that contains the relevant ODocument instances. ODocument is an subclass of OElement.

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