OrientDB Manual

The Team

If you want to contribute to the project, follow the Contributor rules.


Committers have reached the Joda Level OrientDB certification. They coordinates updates, patches, new tasks and answer actively to the Google Group. They talk in a private Mailing List to take decision all together. All the committers refer to the Committer's guide.

Luca Garulli

Description Luca is the original author of OrientDB product and the main committer. In order to handle indexes in efficient way Luca has created the new MVRB-Tree algorithm (it was called RB+Tree but another different algorithm already exists with this name) as mix of Red-Black Tree and B+Tree. MVRB stands for Multi Value Red Black because stores multiple values in each tree node instead of just one as RB-Tree does. MVRB-Tree consumes less than half memory of the RB-Tree implementation mantaining the original speed while it balances the tree on insertion/update. Furthermore the MVRB-Tree allows fast retrieving and storing of nodes in persistent way. He is member of the Sun Microsystems JDO 1.0 Expert Group (JSR#12) and JDO 2.0 Expert Group (JSR#243) for the writing of JDO standard.
Company Orient Technologies Ltd
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Since 2009

Artem Orobets

Description Committer since 2012 and contributor since 2011. He started diving into indexes, composite indexes and many other was introduced.
He have deep knowledge about the MVRB-Tree algorithm, the optimization of the indexes on queries, Transactions and Binary storage.
Company Orient Technologies Ltd
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Since 2012

Andrey Lomakin

Description Committer since 2012 and contributor since 2011. He started diving into indexes, composite indexes and many other was introduced.
He is:

  1. Author of disk based storage system in OrientDB (plocal) which provides such features as durability and thread safety. Durability is achieved using write-ahead logging approach.
  2. Author of "direct memory" disk cache (it is replacement of MMAP which is used underneath of all plocal components) which is based on 2Q and WOW cache algorithms.
  3. Author of index system. Both hash and sbtree indexes.
  4. Co-author (together with Artem Orobets) modern implementation of graph relationships.
    Company Orient Technologies Ltd
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    Since 2012

Luca Molino

Description Contributor since 2010 and committer since 2012 Luca is author of various Http commands and the network protocol multipart management; author of the v1.0 ObjectDatabase implementation; author of the centralized Fetching strategy; author of the FIND REFERENCES SQL command; author of the ttl bash orient console; worked on SQL commands, Storage creation\deleting and more.
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Since 2012


Contributors are all the people that contribute in any way to the OrientDB development as code, tests, documentation or other. They talk in a private Mailing List with all the other committers and contributors and are updated on changes in internal stuff like binary protocol. One time patch doesn't make you a contributor, but if you're developing a driver or you sent more patches then you are a candidate to figure in this list.

Contributors (in alphabetic order):

Anton Terekhov

Description Web developer since 2001, PHP developer since 2002. Developer and maintainer of OrientDB-PHP driver for binary protocol (https://github.com/AntonTerekhov/OrientDB-PHP), bug hunter, binary protocol tester :-) . Speaker on two Russian IT-conferences. Founder, CEO and Lead Developer of own company. Now specialized at high load, distributed web systems.
Company NetMonsters
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Since 2011

Artyom Loginov

Description Artem took part in MMAP file improvement
Since 2011

Dino Ciuffetti

Description Dino is responsable of the Cloud infrastructure of NuvolaBase, providing OrientDB databases as service. He develop in PHP but his main skill is System Administrator and hacking on Linux platforms.
Since 2012

Federico Fissore

Description Federico references to himself in the third person and develops the node.js driver, which powers its baby creature, http://presentz.org
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Gabriel Petrovay

Description Gabriel has been started the node.js OrientDB driver that implements the binary protocol. This helped discovering some problems in the binary protocol. Also helped a little with the corresponding documentation pages.
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Since 2012

Johann Sorel

Description Java Developer specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Core developer on Geotoolkit project (http://www.geotoolkit.org) and related projects : GeoAPI, Mapfaces, Constellation, MDWeb, Puzzle-GIS. Member at the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for elaboration of geographic specifications. Contributions on OrientDB are related to modularisation and performances.
Company Geomatys
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Since 2013, contributors since 2012

Rus V. Brushkoff

Description Contributed C++ binding (https://github.com/Sfinx/orientpp)
Company SfinxSoft
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Since 2012

Tomas Bosak

Description Tomas is developing and maintaining C# binary protocol driver for OrientDB.
Company ONXPO
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Since 2012