OrientDB Manual


Creates a new cluster in the current database. The cluster can be "physical" or "memory".


create cluster <cluster-name> <cluster-type> <data-segment> <location> <position>


  • cluster-name The name of the cluster to create
  • cluster-type Cluster type: 'physical' or 'logical'
  • data-segment Data segment to use. 'default' will use the default one
  • location Location where to place the new cluster files, if appliable. use 'default' to leave into the database directory
  • position 'append' to add as last cluster, otherwise the empty position to replace


orientdb> create cluster documents physical default default append

Creating cluster [documents] of type 'physical' in database demo as last one...
PHYSICAL cluster created correctly with id #68

See also

To display all the cluster configured in the current database use the command clusters.

To delete a cluster use the command Drop Cluster.

This is a command of the Orient console. To know all the commands go to Console-Commands.