OrientDB Manual

Contribute to OrientDB

In order to contribute issues and pull requests, please sign OrientDB's Contributor License Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to protect users of this codebase by ensuring that all code is free to use under the stipulations of the Apache2 license.

Pushing into main repository

If you'd like to contribute to OrientDB with a patch follow the following steps:

  • apply your changes,
  • test that Test Suite hasn't been broken. Execute both commands:
    • ant clean test
    • mvn clean test
  • if all the tests pass then do a Pull Request (PR) against "develop" branch on GitHub and write a comment about the change. Don't sent PR to "master" because we use that only for releasing

Code formatting

You can find eclipse java formatter config file here: _base/ide/eclipse-formatter.xml

If you use IntelliJ IDEA you can install this plugin and use formatter profile mentioned above.

Issue priorities

As soon as github issues does not provide way to manage issue prioritization, priorities of issues are defined as tags.

Priority Definition
Critical The OrientDB server in Production doesn’t start up or the database is corrupted in anyway. Issues encountered in a test or development environment and enhancement requests should not be listed as Critical.
High The Issue has impact on OrientDB functionality in Production, but against a non critical component. OrientDB still works.
Medium The Issue hasn’t impact on the OrientDB operation and can be bypassed with a round trip.
Low Little or no impact on OrientDB. Cosmetic problem or minor enhancement.