OrientDB Manual

ETL - Loaders

Loader components are the last part of the ETL process responsible of the saving of records.

Available Loaders

Output OrientDB


It's the default Loader. It prints the transformation result to the console output.

  • Component name: output
  • Accepted input classes: [Object]


Loads record and vertices into a OrientDB database.

  • Component name: orientdb
  • Accepted input classes: [ODocument, OrientVertex]


Parameter Description Type Mandatory Default value
dbURL Database URL string true -
dbUser User Name string false admin
dbPassword User Password string false admin
dbAutoCreate If the database not exists, create it automatically boolean false true
tx Use transactions or not boolean false false
wal Use WAL (Write Ahead Logging). Disable WAL to achieve better performances boolean false true
batchCommit With transactions enabled, commit every X entries. Use this to avoid having one huge transaction in memory integer false 0
dbType Database type, between 'graph' or 'document' string false document
indexes Contains the indexes used on ETL process. Before starting any declared index not present in database will be created automatically. Index configuration must have "type", "class" and "fields" inner document false -


Below an example of configuration to load in a OrientDB database called "dbpedia" in directory "/temp/databases" open using "plocal" protocol and used as "graph". The loading is transactional and commits the transaction every 1,000 inserts. To lookup vertices has been create the index against the property string "URI" in base vertex "V" class. The index is unique.

"orientdb": {
      "dbURL": "plocal:/temp/databases/dbpedia",
      "dbUser": "importer",
      "dbPassword": "IMP",
      "dbAutoCreate": true,
      "tx": false,
      "batchCommit": 1000,
      "wal" : false,
      "dbType": "graph",
      "indexes": [{"class":"V", "fields":["URI:string"], "type":"UNIQUE" }]