OrientDB Manual

Console - insert


Insert a new record into the current database. Remember that Orient can work also in schema-less mode, so you can create any field at-the-fly.


insert into <class|cluster:<cluster>> (<field-name>*) values ( <field-value> )


nsert a new record with name 'Jay' and surname 'Miner':

> insert into Profile (name, surname) values ('Jay', 'Miner' )

Inserted record in 0,060000 sec(s).

Insert a new record adding a relationship:

insert into Employee (name, boss) values ('jack', 11:99 )

Insert a new record adding a collection of relationship:

insert into Profile (name, friends) values ('Luca', [10:3, 10:4] )

To know more about the SQL syntax used in Orient take a look to: SQL-Query.

This is a command of the Orient console. To know all the commands go to Console-Commands.