OrientDB Manual

Console - BEGIN

OrientDB supports Transactions. To begin a new transaction use the begin command. Once a transaction is begun to make persistent the changes you have to call the commit command. To abort the changes call rollback command instead.



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orientdb> begin
Transaction 1 is running

orientdb> begin
Error: an active transaction is currently open (id=1). Commit or rollback before starting a new one.

orientdb> insert into account (name) values ('tx test')

Inserted record 'Account#9:-2{name:tx test} v0' in 0,004000 sec(s).

orientdb> select from account where name like 'tx%'

  #| RID     |name
  0|    #9:-2|tx test

1 item(s) found. Query executed in 0.076 sec(s).

Until the commit all the new records will have a temporary RID with negative numbers.